Account Transfers

You can now go to to transfer your KaW account between different iPhones/iPods/iPads.

You can transfer your account up to 5 times.

If you do not have the UDID of your old device, or are unable to transfer your account, please email

How do I find my UDID?

  1. Connect your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad to your computer.
  2. In iTunes, select your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad from the DEVICES list.
  3. Select the Summary tab.
  4. Click on the entry labeled Serial Number. The entry will change to Identifier and display your device’s UDID.
  5. To copy your device’s UDID, open the Edit menu and select Copy.
  6. Paste the UDID in the Field


34 Responses to Account Transfers

  1. thomas says:

    hello i wanna transfer smoochlands to a new ipod but i will not let me i exceeded the amount 5 times thats the reply i get can u help

  2. jimbo says:

    iam trying to put my acc on to an ipod touch and its not letting me it never been linked before the pod is new and i go to the tranfer page but it wont let me transfer how do i get a udid number for my on line acc

  3. Rochelle says:

    Yesterday my account reset on KaW my old accounts username is aquablue23 im useing a android phone i made a temp account aquabkue23 but i would like to hav my old account back plz can u guys find away to get it back

  4. Smeesters Yoeri says:

    I had to buy à new iPhone because my other was broken. I made à new account killah231 but like to have my other account back. It’s killah23 i want that back. Can you guys help me please

  5. David says:

    I’m trying transfer my web a/c to my ipad,how can i get the web acc UDID no,hope you can asist me please

  6. kee boon tong says:

    I now using a new android phone. How to transfer to my account to my new phone

  7. Peng Thao says:

    trying to transfer everything from my old account but not letting me. not letting me copy the udid on itune and was wandering if there any other way to get it transfer without starting over again.. please help

  8. wyatt says:

    Hi i talked to you guys yesterday and i need to transfer my account abominablemonkey to PrestigeWorldwide-Dragon

  9. Daniel Montes says:

    I need help transferring my Kaw account DooM2500 from iPod to android please

  10. Daniel Montes says:

    Hello I’m trying to transfer my kaw ipod account DooM2500 to my android and I need help I don’t know how to do it can u please help me

  11. Randy says:

    My phone got a downloads from kaw and locked it a razer called verizon reset phone now locked out of my althaus account same phone as before new name is testest please get althaus back on my razor like i said same phone just new app thanks

  12. Gerald Kerry says:

    I’ve tried to transfer my account from my old phone to my new phone, but it keeps saying that there is an error in entry of the uid number. I’ve had the account transferred before, but it will play for a day or two, then the game resets as if I’m a new player. What gives, and why does it happen, even when I try to open it on Facebook which my account is linked to, it does the same thing. My user name is Lord_Devildog

  13. Vic KeeTM says:

    my HP Samsung S3 was factory reset yesterday due to some problem, when HP was ok aand KAW re down load, i cant find my old acc(user name 32923).i was ask to re enter as a new player on the same phone. any way to retrive back the old acc? im using KTM 32923 as new user

  14. David kahilihiwa says:

    Hi guys I’m trying to transfer my account to new iPhone 4S but it telling I’m only allowed 5 transfers this is my third phone meaning this is my second transfer please get back to me for I don’t want to end that account. Thanks David.

  15. Ben says:

    Plz help I factory reset due to ptoblems esh18 udid 359790041182917 I have kaw doenloaded nit signed up as a new yet was hoping I culd get old pro back can u help me

  16. matthew says:

    I need to transfer an account to my new phone from my sis ipad but dont know how I cant get udid on it as I won’t see her for quite some time now the name of the account is IIPRII_KRATOS_IIPRII he is an alt of mine I need to get him on my phone so I can grow him please help thanks

  17. matt says:

    Need my old account back on this new phone

  18. Charles Dart says:

    This has nothing to do with transfer, I need help recovering my password. Because I can’t buy crystals or anything for that matter. I have been trying for over a month to get some help. Google makes recovering a password dificult.Can someone please help me.If nessessary for proof of account, I can be contacted at 813 270 1159 thank u.

  19. Banshee says:

    Transferred my account in kaw but gaw account haven’t worked. Please reply ty.

  20. simu chahal says:

    how can i transfer my account from one android to another??plz help

  21. Diane wall says:

    I purchased a new phone and cannot transfer account from old phone to new phone.I had to create a temporarily account until I can get my other account back on my phone.the account I am trying to retrieve is sweetluv40,the temporarily account I had to create is kahlan_selene.please help transfer my kingdoms at war account from my old phone to my new phone .thank you

  22. randy says:

    I bought a new phone and I never linked my account to facebook its Ace_Boy_808 I would like it on this phone I created a new name for now its rrrr95

  23. Latisha Buchanan says:

    Hi I bought a new iPhone 5 and tried getting my account to my new phone when I did it linked my devices together for the same account . I had to get it unlinked from my devices . My account name is sassie kitty and Iam the owner of the clan The Crazy Train is there any way to get my account to my new phone . I don’t have the udid # bc I can’t connect my phone t a computer . Please advise . Would really like to play on the go . Thank u sincerely latisha ( sassie kitty )

  24. andrew goldie says:

    Hi this is going on a week still trying to get my act back. My act was dekinked from my tablet and erased on this device. For what reason i dont know y i would erase on this device. An ata act was made because my tablet is getting messed so i could access my other act (side__0__beef) from pc if tablet konked out.
    This is for kaw pls put k1-insanity back on this device pls thanks. He is in clan evil enterprise. Temp act on this device is temp_insanity

  25. Antonio says:

    Okay lets see if this works! I have two accounts my main and the one I spent alot of money on is RK_Aztec_RK and my phone broke with that accont on my phone and DI_Bluji_DI is on ipad. Well when I got my new phone and downloaded kaw and tried to recover aztec through fb which I had linked by the way it said something like it was broken well now im stuck with bluji on both my phone and ipad. Could you please help me recover Aztec thank you.

  26. Darice says:

    I dont have a computer and i want to transfer my game to my other smartphone because i had to change phones i dont want to have to start over

  27. nick says:

    Got new android phone how do i get my old kaw account back? Daddy7569

  28. Mike Roberts says:

    This has happened to me before.That time the account was thor9696.I recovered my old ACCOUNT . THOR6969:) The problem is a new phone with the same phone number.My account on new phone is miker6969.Please help restore THOR6969 to new phone. Please help. 3359721052162946. Is THE # IME1

  29. Mike Roberts says:

    Please I need help.I have same phone company and # just a new phone.Last account was under THOR6969. I am now miker6969. I need my old account back.Last used 2/21/2014.Please restore my old account to new phone.

  30. susan says:

    I had kaw signed in through facebook. They were both on my memory card…had to remove memory card for a few weeks then put back in my phone and kaw and facebook no longer there….ive tried redownloading and signing back into kaw but it something keeps going wrong…my account i want retrieving on kaw is called zara… using my alt called azrathegreat but desperate for zara back please help tyvm

  31. Alex Luna says:

    I’m trying to get into my account xXxLunatic_95xXx but it won’t let me get in

  32. vincent_do21 says:

    Trying to recover access to (vincent_do21)

  33. Danial says:

    I have an account on the game “Smash” and got a new I-phone. I transferred the game over but my save profile didn’t go with it. Could you help me get connected with my old account ? My account name is Death-Walker. Thank you.

  34. spyhwang92 says:

    Pls help reconnect my kingdomsatwar account.

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